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Historical location

The beginnings - first documented mention in 1173

The then District Administrator Peter Alexander von Itzenplitz had a wonderful mansion built around 1800 above the Groß Behnitzer See. After persistent mismanagement and high debts of the von Itzenplitz family, the property passed into the ownership of the Borsig family in 1866.

Historische Aussicht mit See

Development until the 1920s

Under the direction of Albert Borsig - Europe's largest railway and locomotive manufacturer of its time - an agricultural model estate is being built on the grounds of the manor house, on which agriculture was implemented on an industrial scale. For this purpose, the Borsig family adds further buildings to the manor house. In 1923 alone, the company reached a size of 2,700 hectares, on which precursors of ecological agriculture were already practiced.

Historische Postkarte

Meeting of the Kreisau Circle on the estate

In 1933 Ernst von Borsig Junior took over the estate from his father and continued to run it until the end of World War II. Ernst von Borsig Junior belonged to the Kreisau Circle during the war. This resistance movement against the National Socialists met several times on the property during this time. Unfortunately, the old mansion was torn down after a roof fire in 1946/47. The Borsig family was expropriated after World War II.

Old building fabric

In 2000 Michael Stober was actually looking for a holiday home for his family - and found himself in the Brandenburg Groß Behnitz, in the old ruins of the Borsig‘schen country estate - and immediately had the vision of creating a meeting place here. Michael Stober and Tanja Getto faced the mammoth task of breathing new life into the huge area. A total of 30,500 m² of land make up the estate, of which around 20,000 m² belong to the Stober estate. The latter includes several buildings such as the cattle barn, the manager's house or the coach house as well as the old lodging house, which in its baroque style is a smaller version of the former castle.

Today's Landgut Stober

Risen from the ruins through an almost unbelievable commitment of the host family Getto-Stober as well as the investment of 18.5 million € from own funds and subsidies, the Stober estate has been subscribed to the title of the most sustainable hotel in Germany (including VDR / GCB / EVVC) since 2012 .
Today, the Stober estate is an excellent conference, event and event location with 30 historic, modern rooms on an area of ​​4,000 square meters. There are also 428 beds in 300 modern single and double rooms or suites.

Landgut Stober

Our location west of Berlin

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